Bring Your Business Up to Speed in the Arnaudville &  Lafayette, LA area

Bring Your Business Up to Speed in the Arnaudville & Lafayette, LA area

Ethernet and computer network fiber installation services

In this day and age, no business can operate without high-speed internet. Computing Resources LLC helps businesses get online and stay online with expert cable installation and network troubleshooting services. Call 337-356-2046 right now to learn how our IT professionals can help bring your business into the digital age.

3 types of cables we install

Structured wiring systems give every computer access to the internet. The professionals at Computing Resources install three main types of cables to bring you online:
  1. Cat5 cables – both Cat5 and Cat6 cables were designed for high-speed gigabit Ethernet. Cat5 is an early iteration of Ethernet cabling.
  2. Cat6 cables – Cat6 cables can support heavier data transfers than Cat5 cables up to a certain bandwidth.
  3. Fiber-optic cables – Fiber transmits data faster than Ethernet and offers higher bandwidth. Fiber-optic cables are made of ultra-thin glass that carries information digitally via light.

We know this stuff is complicated, and dealing with networking and infrastructure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why the professionals at Computing Resources are here to handle the technological details for you.

Call 337-356-2046 to schedule an appointment with an IT professional in Arnaudville and Lafayette, LA.