Keep a Close Eye on Your Company 24/7

Keep a Close Eye on Your Company 24/7

Video surveillance system installations in Arnaudville and Lafayette, LA

Protect your business from theft or fraud by hiring Computing Resources LLC to install a video surveillance system. We can install surveillance systems that record clearly in daylight or darkness, and the videos can be viewed remotely on your smartphone. Protect your investments, your employees and your home today.

Call 337-356-2046 to speak with a networking and security professional at Computing Resources LLC about installing a video surveillance system at your property.

3 reasons to invest in video surveillance

Are you on the fence about installing a surveillance system? A surveillance system can:
  1. Deter theft at your home or commercial property. Properties with visible camera systems are broken into less often than those without them.
  2. Save you thousands of dollars in merchandise.
  3. Provide important evidence if you find yourself involved in a lawsuit.

Start taking your safety seriously right now. Contact Computing Resources LLC to find out about installing a surveillance system in Arnaudville or Lafayette, LA.